Our Other Titles

As well as our Military History titles, we also publish books written by Margaret Edwards.

Her first book was her autobiography, charting her life in the terraced streets of Leeds in the 1930s through her life in Nottingham and Skegness and on to her retirement in Doncaster in the 21st Century. She has gone on to write several novels.

ME MYSELF AND IPaperback (172 pg)

ISBN 978-0-9564439-4-6

Price: £6.99 (+ £3.50 p&p*)

Margaret Edwards’ autobiographical work charts her life in the terraced streets of Leeds in the 1930s through her life in Nottingham and Skegness and on to her retirement in Doncaster in the 21st Century. A child with a disabled mother in a family run by a taciturn, stern but ultimately wise grandmother, Margaret tells a fascinating true story of a life full of tragedy and triumph; death, divorce and family secrets.

This is a full life, trying to hide her secret but always striving to improve and prove herself. After being sent to work in a textile factory at the age of fourteen Margaret worked hard to achieve the qualifications that gave her the opportunity to work with children and young people with special needs. It was a job that she loved and threw herself into.

Margaret’s book is a social history, recorded by one who saw events from an ordinary person’s view.


Paperback (256 pg)

ISBN 978-0-9564439-6-0

Price: £7.99 (+ £3.50 p&p*)

Margaret Edwards’ first novel chronicles the life, time and loves of Jessica Ashton. A poor girl born in the terraced streets of Leeds, her life in service in the forties, and her rise in wealth and status that leads her to Apartheid South Africa.

Edwards has drawn on many of her own experiences to create this time spanning tale.


Paperback (188 pg)

ISBN 978-0-9564439-9-1

Price: £6.99 (+ £3.50 p&p*)

Gemma Craven had been brought up by her grandparents. After their deaths, she discovered a photograph of her father with a woman and two young children, none of whom she recognised. Her search for answers took her from Yorkshire to Canada and the discovery of more family secrets.


Paperback (296 pg)

ISBN 978-0-9574459-1-8

Price: £8.99 (+ £3.50 p&p*)

Kate Finnegan had inherited her great aunt Cathy’s cottage. On clearing out the wardrobe she found boxes containing photographs and numerous other documents. The people were certainly relatives, but who? Piecing together the information, Kate puts together the story of her great-great-grandmother, another Catherine Finnegan, from a time when family name and status was considered more important than love.


Paperback (404 pg)

ISBN 978-0-9574459-3-2

Price: £9.99 (+ £3.50 p&p*)

Samantha was found as a baby abandoned in a box in a churchyard. Spending her childhood in a children’s home she never found out what real family life was, but it was something she always wanted and tried hard to find. However, happiness didn’t always come easily and Samantha’s life wasn’t always perfect. It was sometimes hard, but she learned to accept whatever came along and do something about it. Her motto when things weren’t going well: never mind, tomorrow is another day.