Suvla 15

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Suvla 15
The Yeomen's Tale
Gallipoli, 21/22 August 1915

Wayne Osborne

In August 1915 the 2nd Mounted Division was sent to Suvla Bay on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Within a few days of arrival the division, untried in combat, was pitched into a battle for high ground against Mustafa Kemal’s Anafarta Group. Before they reached the front line at Chocolate Hill the Yeomen had to march from Lala Baba on the coast, under shell fire, across the Salt Lake. It was a true baptism of fire.

“The Turks had the range to a T and every regiment fairly got it. We had to advance over an open plain for 2 miles to the hill ... The steadiness of the men was magnificent. At times it was simply hell.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Weston Jarvis, 1/3rd County of London Yeomanry Regiment.

“Then we had it! Not ‘arf. It was an absolute inferno. Shell after shell burst amongst us, and being in close formation, you might be able to partly realise the destruction wrought by each shell.”

Private John Kennedy, the 1st Sherwood Rangers.

Paperback (200 pages) ISBN 978-0-9574459-5-6